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Lewis Communications is a masterpiece award-winning media and market communications holdings company merging business-lifestyle content with vision, creativity, culture, connection, and celebration.  Lewis Communications helps your company expand your brand and increase profit through an interactive visioning process. We help brands make deeper, more meaningful relationships with their communities and customers.


To synergize the people of the global, creative economy with brands that lead with passion and vision, and engage their communities through purposeful connection and positive change.


We put people before profit  because the empowerment of people is what creates the new culture designed to help them grow, determine their self image, build and enhance their brand, and celebrate their achievements.


Your brand’s purpose and value should generate awareness of your business, garner market share, and communicate culture.


We seek to show entrepreneurs and businesses the creativity and potential they possess, making the fullest use of creative technologies in order to create a culture of artistry and connectivity.


Our culture is to empower the new creative generation by building communities and interfacing with brands and products that enhance their own creative lifestyle and culture.


Engaging our community through interactive products and  brands continually builds a purposeful connection that  align with their culture of creativity and celebration.


By using effective brand interactive brand strategies, you can engage your audience, make them want to belong, build new customers and positively impact a company’s bottom-line.

We must stop talking about the American Dream and start listening to the dreams of AmericansMax Berbohm

Nearly 3 in 4 Millennials believe “our generation is starting a movement to change old, outdated systems.”

Millennials will take it upon themselves to create the next “version” of America.

Nick Shore, Senior Vice President of MTV Insights and Innovations

The New World

You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.Ken Kesey

There are over 80 million millennials in the U.S. who are creatively capable and eager to make a real impact. Imagine these 80 million people creating something for the advancement of society, and simultaneously becoming better, more effective creators because of it.John Lewis, CEO, Lewis Communications
Culture and Community

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing. Rollo May

We encountered Millennials doing what they call the “chill hustle.” Multi-tasking, working five side projects at once, placing a portfolio of project bets, and making it all “look easy.”Aimee Groth ('Why Millennials Will be The Generation to Save Us All')

Millennials understand the value of creativity and innovation. They are starting to inject this creative currency into what some people are calling the Cause Economy.

We already know Millennials are essentially a communal generation, and that they move together through social media to leverage change on small and even large scales (think of the social media dimension to the Occupy movement).


Lifestyle interaction is about using the whole box of Crayons.

Lifestyle is how culture is expressed and communicated. Growing up with the Internet has exposed Millennials to an entire Global Community and increased their awareness of news and world events.

To millennials, lifestyle reflects culture, it inspires ideas and builds global community.

– Lewis Communications – 2009



Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.William Plomer


A full 70% of Millennials in the study agreed “Creativity will save us!”

When asked “what word best defines the DNA of your generation?” the number one response was “Creative” and number two “Self-expressive.”

Millennials are poised to change the world through their creative talents. And these creative talents are what comprise the currency of this generation, especially as it applies to how and where millennials “spend.Courtney Spence, 'Become a Fan'

Opportunists seek for a chance. Entrepreneurs make new chances.Toba Beta, 'My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut'

They have got what we dubbed Slashitude as in – I’m a retail associate/CEO/ Techno DJ /food stylist. – Everyone, these days it seems, is a potpourri of evolving and overlapping skills.Nick Shore

The applause is a celebration not only of the actors but also of the audience. It constitutes a shared moment of delight.John Charles Polanyi

So, what does that mean for your business? Engage Millennials, allow them to co-create with your business and stand for more than your bottom line.

Whether you are a start-up or a 100-year old company, find a way for this cohort to truly participate and if possible, allow it to be cause-worthy.


There is a New America that has emerged out from the ashes. Armed with an arsenal of fierce independence,  creative brilliance, connectedness, and crazy hustle. This  New America is poised to lead us into a vision of global awareness and  community through their philosophy of disruption, innovation, and social change.
Welcome to the
“Nuvo American Lifestyle”
Launching the Summer of 2015

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Our team understands trends, knows the culture, and uses these skills to build your total brand equity.

With the power of lifestyle marketing and brand culture as a resonator we match the aspirations of our audience with a deeply meaningful experiences.




In a global market, the potential to connect with new customers is only limited by your approach.

Success demands that your vision is the driving force behind every decision your company makes.


We share your message through our media platforms creating multiple opportunities for your brand to connect with our audiences. We created an innovative strategy called Communication Integration.  We refer to it as your Brand Communication Ecosystem.
We use integrated sponsorships, advertising programs, and collaborative partnerships to maximize your resources and optimize the return on your investment. By assessing your outcomes with our award winning consulting and brand visioning process we create a strategy customized to your needs. We then plug you into to our interfacing platforms.
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